GLaDOS Education

Build a better and open society for our next generation

GLaDOS Education helps students, teachers, and schools find the tools and resources they need to master their network.

It is our pleasure to provide students tools for learning and researching technologies and cultures.

Not only Firewalls can harm an open mind and open society, paywall and many walls do the same thing.

GLaDOS Team believes that any sort of walls should not prevent the education. So we are open for education, free to students, teachers and educational applications.

We provide an education plan accessable for all students, which is sufficient for educational use. For Medical School students, we provide a Pro plan for free in case of special researching usage.

Let us build a better and open society for our next generation.

Education Plan

equip students with first class networking tools.

Open to Education

GLaDOS runs Education Plan from 2019, used by 10K+ students gladly.

What's included

  • 1 year education membership with no tricks

  • 50 GB monthly traffic, reset every month

  • 1 online Device

  • V2Ray Protocol

  • Special offering to medical school students

  • Block fakenews, advertisement and political content

Frequently asked questions

Why offer medical students Pro plan?

Because medical education and research should not be blocked, and they need more powerful, unlimited tools to download medical databases and papers.

How to verify a student?

We can not verify. We just ensure you have a school email.

How to verify a Medical Student?

With the help of wdoms(World Directory of Medical Schools), please ensure your school is listed.

Is it a sponsored program?

No. We do it because we can.

Can I upgrade to a paid plan?

Sure, upgrade anytime, your education membership days still counts.


Simple and reliable proxy service.

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